Your German kitchens

showroom in Milan

Passion for kitchens for three generations

Our German kitchen showroom in Milan was opened in 1998, but our passion for kitchens goes back much further. It began in 1926 in a small village carpenter's workshop and then evolved into the foundation of a made in Italy brand, culminating in the passion for German brand kitchens shared by the current owner, Christian Garavaglia.

The new generation of the Garavaglia family has developed a special emphasis on kitchen design and customer relations. Customers are considered to be active partners in the kitchen design process, which allows them to transform their needs and desires into superior quality custom-made compositions.

Since the opening of the Milan showroom in 1998, the brothers Christian and Mirko Garavaglia, together with Christian's wife Elia, have concentrated exclusively on the German brand kitchens. Their in-depth knowledge of the know-how that characterises this type of product has led to their partnership with SieMatic, a great recognition of the Garavaglia family's commitment to kitchen design.

Our team specialized in high end German design kitchens

Our family-run business is composed of three different personalities with different backgrounds, who complement each other. This allows us to guarantee customers who visit our German kitchen showroom in Milan an all-round design approach and exceptional customer experience.

Christian Garavaglia

Christian Garavaglia, the owner of SieMatic Monte Santo, is in charge of planning, sales and relations with customers and suppliers. He is SieMatic's primary contact person and has many years of experience in the sector and an in-depth knowledge of German brand kitchens.

Mirko Garavaglia

Mirko Garavaglia has turned the family' s passion into a course of study, becoming an expert architect in interior design. Like his brother Christian, he is the owner of the SieMatic Monte Santo kitchen showroom, where he is responsible for kitchen design, sales and customer relations.

Elia Garavaglia

Elia Garavaglia, Christian's wife, takes care of the styling and unique details that characterise SieMatic Monte Santo projects. Elia also takes care of the showroom's accounting and administration, as well as public relations alongside her husband and brother-in-law.

Why choose the SieMatic Monte Santo kitchen showroom?

Choosing the SieMatic Monte Santo kitchen shop in Milan means choosing an ad hoc design process. Unlike a regular kitchen furniture shop, where the customer buys a predefined model, SieMatic Monte Santo relies on the design styles of one of the best German kitchen brands in the world to create completely customised spaces that harmonise with the environment and revolutionise the traditional concept of the kitchen.

Large experience

Knowing a product inside out is essential to grasping its nuances and conveying them to the customer. The team at our German kitchen showroom in Milan not only presents you SieMatic lifestyles, but also conveys their potential and features in relation to your personality and needs. This is what makes the difference between a simple purchase and a real design experience.

Custom made projects

The customer interview phase conducted in our kitchen showroom in Milan is extremely important because it allows us to truly understand who we are dealing with. We will also talk about your hobbies and desires, because this is the only way to fully understand the most innermost needs of someone who is buying a new custom-made kitchen. It is not just a question of finishings and materials, but of lifestyle spaces and life in general.

A team of reliable experts

Our German kitchen showroom in Milan relies on a team of reliable and experienced professionals. From taking measurements to delivery and assembly, you can always count on our experts to guarantee a high quality job, where nothing is ever left to chance. Because the main objective of our company is to offer you a truly worry-free experience.

Focus on new technologies

Anyone who chooses to buy a SieMatic German brand kitchen in our showroom will not have any nasty surprises. We use the best technology, such as 3D viewers, to ensure that in the planning phase you have a clear idea of how your new kitchen will look in your home. You can change the details and materials before the contract is signed to achieve a result that matches your wishes.

Financing for your project

A SieMatic kitchen is an investment in your present and future. That's why we don't take it lightly and offer you the opportunity to make any necessary changes after the first estimate is made, in order to arrive at the desired price. And that's not all: you can also take advantage of the financing solutions to help you cope with the expense and enjoy your new German kitchen at ease.